Amina's Stainless Steel Gua Sha



Amina's stainless steel Gua Sha massage tool may be used for face, jawline and neck massage. Supports and promotes healthy skin, improves circulation, reduces premature wrinkles, relieves tension and boosts your natural glow.

May be cooled and chilled for instant soothing of irritated puffy skin. Easy to wash and keep clean. Non-absorbent and will not break easily. Can be thoroughly cleaned as it won’t absorb scent & cosmetic residue, may be used in both warm & cool applications.

How to use: Combine with a cream or serum of your choice, massage the product in utilising all sides and edges of this tool. Starting from the centre of your face and in a scraping motion, draw lines upwards & outwards. Use the larger edges on cheeks & forehead and the small divot on the jawline, nose bridge and between brows. Incorporate this step into your skincare routine at least 3 times a week for optimal results.

Why we chose stainless:
Unlike Jade & Rose Quartz, stainless steel is non-porous, preventing bacterial buildup. Stainless steel is self-cooling, naturally cold to touch so it doesn't require refrigeration. Eco-friendly & durable, this shatterproof tool will last a lifetime!