This month’s weather can leave you feeling a bit confused. Not quite cold, nowhere near warm, a typical morning is spent guessing what to wear. Everyone seems to be resisting the urge to sneeze or scratch their dry skin, and after inspecting my children’s faces, I find their cheeks to be slightly too reddish for my liking. Transitional weather is indeed upon us!

For me, February is a time to ensure that mind, body and soul are in harmony. Although I haven’t quite perfected the formula, I do have a few tips for a healthier month.

Let me start with nourishing your body. I usually include a steaming bowl of vegetable soup (preferably with green beans) on our lunch menu. Rich in vitamins, this heart-warming dish hits the spot every time.

Next, this ho-hum weather is ideal for reading, I often read several books at once but my current favourite is The Written World by Martin Puchner. Paired with a cup of Sunset Tea, this magical blend will leave you feeling calmer.

I cherish the little rituals that I have created for myself. Honestly, my days are all the more special because of them. Dry weather means being more diligent with my skincare regime and in my experience calendula-based products do wonders for dry skin. I also tend to veer away from allergy-inducing fabrics loaded with chemical additives.

It feels good to know that I am repairing inside and out. Give it a go!

February 13, 2018 — Amina Mango