A New Year and a New Me? No, New Year, Know Me.

I would prefer a new year and the discovery of the true me, to know me... that which makes me, me. Not me defined as a woman, daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother. What makes me me? I would like to allow myself to meet me, my inner me so I may be kind and accepting of me like meeting a kind friend. Without judgement without guilt and regret... that’s possible through slowing down, breathing, observation, meditation and listening. Reflect on what is and what you would like to change with compassion and friendliness. Become the observer of your own life.

Like a gentle river always in motion, a cleanse. An innermost emotional cleanse and an outer cleanse of the skin and body.  

Be happy with YOU. Care for the things you love. 

The first step is to love or as I prefer, like, yourself  first. Just as you are: your size, shape, skin colour and facial features. Your body is not a problem to be solved. If we allow ourselves to be trapped by the way we are seen from the outside by others then we will not be able to be ourselves and most importantly like ourselves. Stop and be ok with yourself! Don’t crave a self that is not you. Love you, accept you and appreciate you! Love the form you are lucky enough to inhabit 



From the inside: accept and meditate on what it means to be you...  be kind to yourself and smile to yourself often. This really helps, it sounds simple but it works. Take time to do simple things that you enjoy and that make you slow down. Take it slowly and do not be hard on yourself.

From the outside: that is somewhat simpler and easier. Look after your body through adequate rest and exercise, fluids and healthy food. Nothing processed, reduce sugar and eat healthy.

Skin care that is pure and wholesome, to work with your natural skin equilibrium rather than against it. Here we can make it simpler for you: by choosing organic certified products that are naturally nourishing, healthy and effective. You may also add to your skin and hair care routine some natural ingredients that can be used in easy effective ways to offer you additional results, to detox and balance your skin and scalp and then to clean, energise, boost and nourish deeply. 


My favourite herbs and plants that are accessible:

Aloe Vera

Nettle (found wild near water sources and orchards)


Rose geranium 



Kitchen ingredients to cleanse and nourish:

Gelatine: face masks and hair masks 

Mayonnaise: hair masks

Baking soda: scrubs

Silica / Diatomaceous Earth: scrubs

Apple cider vinegar: pH balancing to scalp and skin 

Olive oil: skin and hair nourishment 

Coconut oil: skin and hair moisturiser 


I like to use oil’s, ointments and creams in different ways. After a washing  and a gentle scrub, I like to apply ointment and then placing a warm muslin cloth to face and neck for a few minutes (reheating several times but dipping into hot water and wringing out water). Then with a gentle circular motion to massage and gently remove dry dead skin. Followed by applying my Aloe Vera cream.

To arms, torso and legs: wash with cotton leefah and soap in a gentle circular motion. Then rinse and apply shower oils. Pat dry and apply calendula cream.

To hands, nails feet and toes: soak in Dead Sea salts with essential oils then gently scrub and apply ointment with added essential oils and pat dry massage feet and hands and ankle and wrist in an upward motion

Also detox whole body in a bath with Dead Sea salts and Dead Sea Calm for a burst of minerals and an anti inflammatory soak (in arid countries like Jordan, bath water can be used in garden for cleaning or watering mixed with a little more). Don’t forget to add herbal teas that have therapeutic properties that will help you relax and remineralise!


Scalp: apply Shower Oil of your choice (Chamomile or Calendula) or Ointment to scalp and roots. Massage with finger tips, comb through hair and leave on as long as possible. Wash off. 

Final rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar for an instant scalp detox & pH balance, removing all grime and chemical buildup as well as adding shine and health.

All these steps will help you have fun and be creative in taking care of your self. To discover your balance externally that will help you rediscover your balance internally... enjoy yourself and be a kind friend to yourself. After all, you are the one who will spend the most time with you. If you don’t know yourself and love yourself, how will you love others and how will others have a chance to know and love you.

Interesting phrases to ponder on:

“Tell me what you read and I’ll tell you who you are” 

And my twist on that phrase: Tell me what you put on your skin and I’ll tell you who you are...  

Books that I found very helpful on helping to slow down and accept are :

  • Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
  • Compassionate Mind by Paul Gilbert
  • Broken Open by Elizabeth lesser
  • Letting Go by David R. Hawkins
  • Brené Brown’s Unlocking Us podcast
January 17, 2021 — Amina Mango