I still remember the day when everything fell into place and the Amina Skincare line was born. And it still makes me smile when I think of how far we’ve come…

A little over a decade ago I recall my first encounter with baby eczema. My daughter was struggling with itchiness, redness and dry skin. My attempts to find a soap to soothe her were unsuccessful. Those who know me know I am an avid reader, and it was at that time that I stumbled upon a gem of a read called, “Cleaning Yourself to Death: How safe is your home?” by Pat Thomas. The revelations were both eye-opening and heartbreaking. Until then, I had no real understanding of how damaging certain products can be to one’s health. Soaps that were labeled as “gentle” and “baby safe” were the source of my daughter’s irritation. To make things more challenging, traditional and allegedly natural soaps were of very poor quality.

It was then that I decided to take matters into my own hands by creating a soap that was completely free of chemicals; that was gentle on the skin with both eczema healing and soothing properties for babies. I remember walking through our olive farm, envisioning it as source of nature’s greatest remedies. I wanted to deliver a product that was unmatched in quality for my baby. And- after a series of attempts in my kitchen – the first product was born.

Four years later I was blessed with a beautiful son, who developed food allergies and severe eczema from early on. So my journey started once again with a new focus. To soothe and heal skin in a natural way.

After years of exploring and trial and error, I cannot tell you how proud I am to have found a positive solution, one that is accessible, affordable and organic in every sense of the word.  And above all else safe!

That was then…Today, in addition to our popular Amina’s Soap we have added Baby Cream with Aloe Vera, Baby Massage and Bath oil, and Baby Ointment. To cleanse, hydrate, moisturise and protect a baby's delicate skin.

As a mom, what I want for my children is what I want for yours, my commitment that is captured in the product line’s slogan, “Inspired By & Created For My Children.”

December 01, 2018 — Amina Mango