Celebrating Earth Day every day of the year by changing perspectives and mindsets.

We can all make a difference, no matter where we may be on this Earth.

I live in Jordan, a country covered mostly by desert and a very small strip of greenery. A country with scarce water sources, little rainfall and only a few small rivers… 

“I do not allow myself to be overcome by hopelessness no matter how tough the situation”  - Vandana Shiva

I fully agree with this statement because when we all do something, no matter how small it may seem, it will make a difference. Not only to the environment but also to ourselves. To do that something that is “bigger than ourselves”.

Clearing trash from the places we visit, clearing plastics when at the beach or swimming in the sea. Planting  trees, opting to plant indigenous seeds for vegetables and fruits and staying clear of GM seeds as well as caring for animals, not using single-use plastics and of course recycling and composting. These are some of the things that if we all did individually the difference would surely be noticeable.

I personally love Nature and marvel at all it offers us. Endless inspiration and infinite knowledge.

One of my missions started in 2020 has been to reconnect with Nature through planting and caring for indigenous trees in Jordan. For years I have been searching for indigenous plants and tress to be able to repopulate areas around my home and Amina’s Natural Skin Care Eco-Factory in Majdal, Jordan.

So i was immensely delighted to find a plant nursery that is taking matters into its own hands and actually growing these plants from seed (Mujeb Nursery). Preserving our floral heritage and protecting many local endangered species and seeds. It was also a great pleasure to meet experts in the fields of reforesting using indigenous plants and find that their passions aligned with the protection of Nature, her plants, seeds and ecosystem regeneration here in Jordan. (Midorization Project, Tayyun)

And so I embarked on preparing the area for planting these trees and bushes.I learned how to prepare the planting holes so that I can offer these plants the best chance at thriving and succeeding. In Jordan, when planting trees, we always choose winter to do so to take advantage of the rainfall so as to give the plants a kick start and reduce the need for too much watering. In December 2020 to end the year on a positive note I arranged a planting day with family and we embarked on planting a variety of indigenous trees from oaks, pistachio, carob and some bushes: Palestinian oak, quercus scalliprinos, pistacia atlantica, wild pistachio and rock roses.



We planted them, some single plants and some in pairs. We mixed manure with the soil, covered the plants with straw and watered them.

The rains came, which helped give them enough water for their first few months so that they may grow strong roots and thrive. I pass by them regularly on my morning walks. I remove some weeds and keep others to help them grow strong. So far 5 months from planting and they seem happy and well adjusted.

The Rock rose even flowered this spring! I was so delighted. This will surely be a labour of love and patience since indigenous trees grown to withstand the dry season grow slowly. I will have to water them the first few summers and hope that they will grow strong to manage by themselves within a few years…

I came across a great idea that the number of trees one ought to plant are the number of years one is. Well, in 2020/21 I planted more than 50 indigenous trees so I am happy to have completed this task already!

Now I am looking forward to planting another 51 indigenous trees in 2021!

I would rather aim to do so annually rather than once a lifetime. I might need to be creative in finding locations to do so….


April 23, 2021 — Amina Mango