Unique pieces from Jordan’s geological past.
To allow us to dream about eras gone by and the magic of creation.

A meteorite hit Jordan in the Eastern Desert area some time less than 35 million years ago! It is the youngest in the Middle East… It was 100 meters in diameter and it impacted at a shallow angle of trajectory. The impact this crater left has a somewhat oval shape of 6km wide.

The impact baked and melted rocks, dramatically changing the composition of the flint layers and carbonate concretions as they rapidly heated up during the impact. The concretions were baked from the outside and formed cracks.


I found these shapes to be inspiringly beautiful and tactile. A lovely natural and sustainable soap dish. All unique pieces created by a shooting star that merged with the Jordanian desert millions of years ago….

Some shapes were ideally suited as soap holding dishes as they were concave & inclined, making for the ideal shape for water drainage after use of the soap. They were the right size for my soaps both the regular and sample size bars.

I thought it would be a lovely idea not only as a natural and sustainable soap dish but as a unique grounding piece to cherish, one created by a shooting star millions of years ago❤️ 


( ASC store in Swefiyeh Village, come visit us and pick up one of these limited-time only magical meteorite soap plates 🥰 )


P.S. These stones are abundant in the desert area. Vast areas are covered by them. They are sustainable in the sense that they are not a finite resource and do not damage the environment when used or discarded. We have chosen to showcase these soap plates as a way to highlight geological beauty and as a way to introduce nature with all her miracles into our homes and minds. 


March 26, 2021 — Amina Mango