Some thoughts from Amina:

"I have always found it hard to swallow the term “self love” as I find it selfish and arrogant somewhat…  

Maybe because I am a person that believes in giving a lot more than taking and doing a lot too? However, I am a firm believer in wellness and caring for oneself so that one may honour the gift that life has bestowed upon us: a magnificent body designed to do its incredible job of keeping us alive, healthy and safe without us even noticing! A body designed to grow, function, live and heal itself continuously. This I find is marvellous when one stops to think about it, to really notice and appreciate it.

 A body that includes a mind, which when fed the right food and nutrients, and that includes thoughts and exercise, will be able to flourish into a garden of positivity and wellness. This in turn doesn't only affect the mind and body, but can also have an impact on the people around us too! Isn’t that incredible?

I have been making skin care products now for over twenty years. I don’t feel that looking after my skin and hair is really “self love”, instead I feel grateful and delighted that I am able to use my skin care products that are nourishing and healthy for my skin and for my body as a whole. Products that I know do not harm my body’s health and functioning in any way. To honour and respect this amazing triumph of Nature that is our human body. It makes me really happy to know that I can contribute positively to helping this amazing gift do its job without interference from unnecessary synthetic chemicals, and in so doing I am also not harming our shared home, our planet.

So to me, self care and self love honour to acknowledge and give thanks to this miracle that was gifted us, and maybe in doing so, we may become a flourishing positivity garden for ourselves and for those around us."

February 01, 2022 — Amina Mango