As a mother, ensuring that my children are safe and healthy is the only way of life I have ever known. I still remember the day they were born. I was taken over by an overwhelming sense of responsibility for another life; their existence and wellbeing. I made the decision to nurture and keep them from harm. I needed to know that the products I was using were completely harmless. As a Fine Arts graduate, I was rarely swayed by the generic artwork often found on packages of products. I owed it to my family to read the ingredients on the back.

Wouldn’t you rather commit to something that isn’t dangerous to your family, to the crops, to the farmers and to the environment? Wouldn’t it feel better to know that you have the power of choice and you can control what you accept and reject? After all, you shouldn’t be forced into bad choices just because some manufacturers care more about your money than your health.

January 08, 2018 — Amina Mango