Our Story

Olive trees, art and skin care: what do all these have in common?
Well they have me, Amina! I am an artist, who studied painting in Florence, Italy. I am a mother who lives on an olive farm and I became an organic skin care product creator after my children developed skin problems and I wanted to solve it naturally. I found my answers and inspiration within the olive trees where I live.

My passion is the olive tree. You can find her where I chose to live, you can find her on a hillside with her silhouette, her branches in my paintings… You’ll find the oil of her fruit in all my skin care products, and her leaves as the inspiration for our logo and product design.

I am the founder and CEO of Amina’s Natural Skincare, the only certified organic skin care manufacturing facility and brand located in Jordan and the MENA region. Struggling with my children’s sensitive skin and wanting to keep them safe and away from the harmful chemicals found in regular skin care products. I started to use my own oils and herbs in their skin care, to moisturise, soothe and heal.

It was not easy but I persevered and I succeeded in helping my children get relief from their own skincare problems. Soon I felt I had the duty to provide other with these products. Those who may find themselves in a similar situation as me… Either needing natural products for sensitive skin or wanting safe and natural products for themselves and their children, I am here to serve you.

At Amina’s I am responsible for and involved in all aspects of the business. From manufacturing, quality, certification to design, R&D, packaging and marketing. My artist temperament comes in handy as it allows me the freedom and the knowledge to be able to use my creativity in all aspects of the business. In the areas where I am less familiar we have a great team of specialists and consultants who have worked with us to achieve the best standards, developments and quality.

When I am not dealing with all that is required of me for the manufacturing business I can be found on walks or drives in the countryside. Gathering inspiration for my paintings and in my art studio in Majdal. Painting is my other passion and calling. I paint mostly in oil on large raw linen. Exploring through my art what it means to be a woman and a mother.

Our Journey


When my daughter Mariam was 3 years I became aware of the danger of chemicals found in skincare products and particularly in those for children. Horrified by this I began to study and research and learned to make my own soap and infused oils for her skincare. All based on olive oil that I produced myself.


My 1 year old son Jibreel was diagnosed with severe food allergies that caused severe eczema and hives. I became obsessed with soothing eczema and healing his skin without the use of synthetic chemicals and steroids. For him I developed and enhanced a range of products to soothe and heal his skin in a natural way.


Having realised how helpful my products were in helping both my children I started to produce for those who may find themselves in the same situation as me. So I built a small   workshop to be able to produce to cater for this demand. Under the initial brand name of Olve Oil & More 

2010 -2015

I started to import raw materials that were not available locally and sourced organic certified ingredients. I rebranded to Amina’s Natural skincare to reflect the story behind my products as well as my personal commitment to produce safe and effective skin care for children and the whole family.

2014 - 2015

We worked diligently with our international consultants to prepare for and attain ISO and GMP certification as well as EFFCI for our factory and production processes. We were awarded our first certificates in 2015 We registered our products on the EU CPNP and had them all safety assessed.


We worked for several years on changing from natural to organic and preparing for our Organic inspection. We obtained our first Cosmos Soil Association organic certificate in 2016 to become the first in Jordan and the MENA region to have a factory that has organic certification.


Opening of our first concept store. Our flagship store in Amman - Jordan, to showcase our products, philosophy and story.


Began our factory expansion, addition of  new equipment to enhance or production facility process and capacity.


Launch of new products: Face Toners, Mist & Hand Wash.