Massage Comb


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For long, short and curly hair

All our hair accessories have been selected for their positive impact on hair and scalp.

Below are a few of the reasons we selected these:
To help distributes natural oils and help keep shine, Reduces Frizz, Stimulates Scalp and hair growth

This head massager is not only for head massage, but also for shoulders, necks, arms,
back, and fingers. Comb massage also improves microcirculation and relieves pain such as
migraines and headaches. Massaging may help reduce stress, fatigue, exhaustion, and
better relax the body.

Recommended Uses

Use by massaging with the direction of hair several times and against the growth directions of the hair.

Massage forehead upward at center and side to side
From ear in an upward motion
From top of neck to the shoulders
You may also use it by pressing gently on pressure points for a few seconds
Suitable for long and curly hair


• Improve circulation
• Relieves headaches
• Promotes scalp health
• Promote hair health