Bath Brush



Dry and wet brushing
Made with natural bristle this brush may be used for dry or wet brushing Natural fiber bristles are softer than synthetic bristles, and will, therefore, be less harsh on your skin. Wet brushing involves exfoliation as part of showering or bathing.
Use on wet skin with brush, water with or without soap.
This will exfoliate dead skin cells and help freshen skin. Only use on back, legs and arms. Be
delicate in more sensitive areas

Recommended Uses

• Begin from the top of your body, working from your neck downwards.
• Rub your skin gently in circular motions. That loosens up the dead cells and dirt on the skin's
surface. Scrub down to the ankles then move to your back.
• Brush the arms, hands, heels, and soles of your feet.
• Rinse your skin with cold water, which closes your pores.
• Follow with shower oil for a smooth silky finish


-Lymphatic drainage
-Immune boosting
-Reduces cellulite from exfoliation and improved circulation
-Reduces ingrown hair: Sometimes ingrown hairs are caused by too much dead skin debris,
which blocks the hair follicle. The hair then starts to grow sideways. So, the exfoliation of
regular body brushing can prevent the buildup of dead skin and therefore less in growing
hairs should appear.
- Reduces Dry flaky skin
Do not use brush if you have skin that's broken or has cuts, sores, sunburns, or
scrapes. Avoid using a dry brush if you have skin conditions such as eczema,
acne, or excessively dry skin and if your skin gets inflamed easily.