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Rosemary essential oil increases circulation to the scalp, revitalising hair follicles and promoting new hair growth. Nature’s aid to thinning hair and optimized scalp health.
Recommended Uses

Step 1: Load the Castor Oil Dropper pipette up and apply the amount directly on scalp, preferably to damp hair after a shower.

Step 2: Apply 3-5 drops of neat Rosemary Essential Oil to scalp.

Step 3: Massage with fingertips in circular motions across the scalp.

Step 4: Use wide-toothed wooden comb to assist with massaging for a deeper stimulation.

Step 5: Option to leave-in overnight or wash thoroughly 1 hour later, preferably with Amina’s Bar Soap and optional herbal rinse.


Organic Castor Oil Dropper

Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

Wooden Comb